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Posted on 8th September

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A sort code is a number which represents a bank branch and intended for internal processing. Our database is searchable on sortcode or branch returning any available information.

This sort code checker is provided for informational purposes only. Whilst every effort is made to provide accurate information, users acknowledge that we accepts no liability what so ever with respect to its accuracy.

Bank and easy financial tips that save you money without taking up too much time

Dont be afraid to ask
Depending on your circumstances the bank might waive a banking fee. We are not talking about repeat offenders but the odd overlimit fee or bounced cheque. The bank is more likely if youre a valued long term customer but does not harm asking. google link

Read the fine print
We know this isnt the best read but this is your money. Knowing how much a bank is charging you is the first step in reducing your out goings. Each bank and even accounts will have differing charges. You are not married to your bank so shop around if you feel the charges out weigh the benefits, find an alternative. direct gov

Periodically compare
It is a good idea to compare available financial offerings. Just as you most likely shop around for car insurance, do the same with banking services. Once a year is a reasonable guideline to ensure your fees stay at a minimum and you get the most from your money. Comment